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~LIFE Energy Station~

New Common Sense of Health and Happiness
~ To the more and more nice you ~

With just seven seconds of impulse,
you regain your original vitality.
From chronic diseases and poor physical condition,
you can have a head start to recover to its original health condition.
Moreover, that vitality can be utilized as a driving force of your life all the while.

Please imagine the two of you who will be 10 years from now.
One person is “You are full of energy”
Another person is “in your extended line, you will decline with age”

With the passage of years and years,
What is necessary to live healthy, happy and live with both public and private?
At work, at home, in play,
What do you need for every aspect of life?

It is Life Energy,
In other words, it is Vitality .

We support the circulation of your Life Energy.
We work to cherish your Life Energy and your Smile.

Contemporary society is very hard to live for many people.
This busy society is ok for masculine people. Competition was forced from childhood. Unfortunately it has become a very painful society, especially for women who are calm and inherently gentle living.

Women’s cycle is disturbed, competition is natural…
Getting tense, straining nerves, irritated…
It is a sympathetic dominant society.
Many people do not live as their true self

As a result, headache, shoulder stiffness, dizziness, indefinite complaint, menopausal disorder,
Visceral disease, menstrual pain, cancer, and so on… it becomes a variety of diseases and disorders and makes the mind and body torment.

Yes, symptoms appearing in the heart and body are all the way of lifeAs a result of the way of life, symptoms have come out. Symptoms teach you the original way of life like you through painful symptoms .

One genuine article

Here is one technique, one real thing for you to live like yourself.
It is the real thing that you can be pleased with the person who understands the real thing of the world.

That authentic …

Vital Angle Technique

We utilize the technique Vital angle technique (hereinafter referred to as “VAT“) evolved from upper cervical chiropractic and traditional Eastern philosophy and medicine.  We fully support your health, smile, and happy living .

  • People who suffer from menopausal physical disorder or indefinite complaint
  • Those who can eliminate infertility and want children
  • Person who continues disorder of unknown cause
  • Athletes aiming for recovery from injury and best performance
  • Curious people
  • Chiropractors and healers pursuing techniques of the new era

Many people are pleased.
Let’s both open the door of a new life!

About Our Technique
About Dr. Tomo
About Our Seminar
MAIL: mikitomodc@gmail.com
Facebook: Tomohide Iida

Our Mission(Reason for existence)

We expanded the idea that,
“Improvement of LIFE Energy is Joy of mind, body, and soul “
to people on the earth. It will be realized by techniques that evolve everyday .

We support you to be shined which are as your true self.

We fully demonstrate each personality and creativity,
and share joy and thank each other.
We are building such a rich life, a rich society.

Let’s show the bottom power of the Universe!


~LIFE Energy Station~

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MAIL: mikitomodc@gmail.com
Facebook: Tomohide Iida

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