VITAL Angle Technique

Vital angle technique (hereinafter referred to asVAT ) was born with unique improvement on upper cervical chiropractic. It is a creative activity that gradually removes impurities and creates the most beautiful things in the world . It can be said that it is a craftwork trick unique to Japanese people.

By combining the stimulation of the left and right high speed spins, we will instantly raise the healing power, immunity, metabolism, vital energy, physical and mental power of the person. And we will help you to shine you, full of energy, full of smiles.

VAT is not spiritual, but it is a very physical and scientific method. Its characteristics lie in the combination of left and right high speed spins. Spin is the entity of the universe. Every celestial body such as the galaxy, the solar system, the earth, the moon has a spin motion in the macro. Spin of elementary particles such as electrons, quarks, and photons in microscopic fields. Even in the global environment, air flow, current of ocean current, etc. all have a spiral shape, that is, a spin motion.

The universe such as the solar system and the Milky Way, is a spiral and a spin motion.

Spin of nature

Spin structure of snail

The flow of the atmosphere on the earth is the spin motion. (

Ocean current is a spin motion. (
The clockwise flow in the northern hemisphere, and the counter-clockwise flow in the southern hemisphere.

As you see, spin structure can be seen everywhere in nature.
I felt that ancient people had perceived this spin structure and they left many artworks with spinning patterns like mural paintings and creations.

An ancient vase with a spinning pattern

Ancient mural painting with spin pattern


Our human flesh is part of the universe. The body is a mass of elementary particles, and each particle is aspirating and releasing energy with Spin motion.

VAT makes use of left and right spins to synchronize with the natural environment, synchronize with the universal environment. Each of us as part of the universe can be said to be one of the cells of the universe. The trick that is a healthy body without dis-ease nor disease is that it is in sync with the universe and great nature.

In nature environments such as marinas, mountains and forests, everyone has experience of relaxing and enriching mind and body. In a natural-rich environment, it is easy to synchronize with the vibration of the universe and great nature, human being, animals and plants get great comfort and vitality such as healing power and immunity are enhanced.

VAT utilizes the left and right high-speed spins to transmit the information of your life to the external environment, encouraging reception the information of your life to live better. In other words, it increases the synchro rate with the universe and nature. It is activities of LIFE that are done unconsciously.

If you explain like this, you may feel it is spiritual, mystical, or religious. However, this is an extremely physical and scientific methodology, so it is not unbelievable to believe. Philosophy, science, and art has become a trinity at an unprecedentedly high level so far, it is extremely physically and scientifically reproducible.

Due to the development of quantum physics, it has become the theory that all substances are particles and waves. In order to keep our body, which is a group of particles, healthy, it is smart that we could utilize the properties of the wave of matter. The properties of the wave is the state of energy .

As represented by the well-known Einstein theory of relativity “E = mc 2“, everything with mass (m) is energy (E). We humans are said to be “Living body“.  “Life = Energy“, that is, we are “Energy body “.

Life formal formula

Living matter (Energy body) = Life (Energy) + Body (matter / substance)

In order to shine our living bodies intrinsically,
How to raise life and energy?

This was my most important task that I have observed “human” for many years.

I went to the Palmer College of Chiropractic in the USA to study chiropractic and I had devoted myself to Gonstead technique. After returning to Japan, I have steadily shifted from material method to energy work in the course of progressing from Gonstead technique to the upper cervical technique, to UZSHI.

And now, we have entered the new area.
It is the appearance of Vital Angle Technique.

The new era’s energy work, VAT, fully utilizes the physical laws of the universe. For example,
“Law that energy gathers towards higher pressure”

When it is covered with high pressure, the weather is fine. People get better when it is fine under high pressure.
When it is covered with low pressure , it is rainy. People get poor physical condition when it is rainy under low pressure.

Energy gathers under high pressure by air.
Energy escapes under Low pressure by air.

It also depends on this law to feel good with massage.
Pushing with your fingers increases the pressure on the affected part.
As the pressure on the affected area increases, energy gathers, metabolism rises, and recovery speeds up.

Appropriate “pressure” gather energy

VAT, without directly pushing or kneading the affected part,
By adding high-quality pressure (high speed spin) to the central part of LIFE, we dramatically improve physical ability.

When should I receive it?

People with sickness, especially those with intractable diseases can also see a lot.
For those who have hormone system, menopausal disorder, autonomic nervous system disorder, and infertility, it is highly effective exerted on women’s troubles.
Those who have body pain, such as low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headache,
Often it seems to aim for the healing of athlete injuries such as baseball, golf, soccer, tennis, dance, skating, kendo, and for their best performance.

The truth is, it can be received anytime. Besides clearly understood effects, you can get great benefits at any time, including some effects which are hard to understand. If I say so, there are many cases that will be postponed after all, but this is the Chinese proverb.

“The best time to plant trees is 20 years ago, the next best time is now.”


Get it right now!

Many methods in the world are born and disappear. But this method can not be disappeared. Because it is the cutting edge, it will evolve and adapt more and more from now. Please come to experience vibrations that are sophisticated everyday and resonate beautifully at the root of LIFE.

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