To the Highest Peak!
Successful Chiropractors three days Intensive training seminar

“The good results are out ….
But, more and more ……
I should be able to produce tremendous results!

in your mind secret,
To the professional chiropractors and healers aiming for the highest peak.

Tomo Iida DC teaches you “Spin synchro switch”
which is the latest Energy work evolved from Upper cervical chiropractic
and the Oriental philosophy and art.

It takes only 7 seconds of spin impulse by hands,
that can produce more overwhelming results than ever.

As a result, you provide greater joy and excitement to the patient,
and save time for learning, your family, and creativity.
You will be able to make profitable firmly without tiredness.

If you live yourself as an expert,
Why do not we both go to the highest level?
This is for your ability as a practitioner.
It is a training seminar for Happy Successful practitioner
that raises 350% of your potential.
And we support you to live the best life as a chiropractor.

Let’s stop a little and let’s try one.
Your back, neck, elbow etc,
Please find a place that is a little stiffen.
Put your hands there,
Apply light pressure for 15 seconds.

Then how?
Do you feel a little lighter than before?

The body gets lighter just by applying light pressure
There are principles here.

That is
“The law is that Energy gathers from low pressure to high pressure”

Unconventional method of the new era, Spin Synchro Switch is
philosophy, science, and art that was revolved based on the universal principle.

Dr. Tomo learned chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic in the USA.
He pursued chiropractic and human potential deeply using Gonstead technique.
He felt the limits to material approach, which he did not want to see,
so far as to pursue chiropractic.

He struggled for several years trying to find a more essential method.
He found an active path in the upper cervical chiropractic,

and learned FUCA-UZSHI under Mr. Fujibuchi.

Dr. Tomo went to Germany to held seminar five times.
He taught his skills to more than thirty doctors, chiropractors, and healers

And now in 2018, we launched the Spin Synchro Switch
in the mind with the desire to create new insight with new idea.

Features of the Spin Synchro Switch is
the refined high speed spins.
We resonate the core part of life such as brainstem, hypothalamus, pineal body
with information on the left and right high speed spins by this technique,

that is information of Life and the Universe,

With echo in the core part of life,
life energy springs up from the deepest part of the body.

It is being clarified that
spin is the essence of the universe by the latest quantum physics.

With the Synchro Switch,
We fully utilize spins which are the essence of the universe as adjustments.
We received tremendous response from across the country by giving overwhelming results.

Output Life information from Right side. Input Life information to Left side. That is the Natural law.

It is not a spiritual method,
It is very physical and vitalistic method without pain at all.

This history has just begun.
You can play an active part in the world,
You can live happily while pursuing essence,

You can have fun from the bottom of your heart
while giving overwhelming results with community.
with unconventional method of the new era, synchro switch,

When you see your current worries three years later,
you will realize that it was so small that you smiled.

Now, throw common sense out the window,
master the insane method of the new era,
spin synchro switch.

It dramatically increases your ability as a chiropractor.
You will be Impressed by the infinite possibilities of human beings.
You can enjoy life with wholehearted spirit through your work.
You can fully enjoy the precious time
with your family and friends while steadily raising profits.

Why don’t you join
such a Rich and Wonderful group of us??

The seminar is held in three days.
Please contact us for details about expenses and places.
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*Frequently Asked Questions*

– I am not good at memorizing, but is it okay?
There is little to memorize, so it’s okay. Beyond that, to feel and to polish the sensitivity are important. You will refine wisdom and intelligence rather than knowledge. You will be a wonderful person making people around you feel intelligent rather than people who have a lot of knowledge.

– Do I need qualifications to attend this seminar?
No qualification is necessary. Anybody can come, but you need a licence to practice for public depending on where you practice. You will learn principles, physical laws, and hands on technique. Knowledge like the anatomy, physiology, biochemistry etc you learn at school is unnecessary, and you hardly learn it with the synchro switch.

– Can woman do with that?
You can see female physicians of Synchro Switch already active. Rather than men, females are worthy of practitioners. Women can incorporate energy themselves from the natural world and men replenish energy through women. Also, the high sensitivity of females is a talent suitable for practitioners. It is Synchro Switch that women can make great success.

– Do not you lose your own energy?
No. Synchro Switch does not send your energy to clients. We utilize the energy of nature/ universe and leave ourselves in the general circulation of energy. There is no exhaustion of own energy unlike common methods that touches people.